Wednesday, March 10, 2004

3 of 9 or 3 of 16?

Today a 100-year-old man told me that we interrupted his listening to the third yesterday when we called him. Beethoven's third, of course.


There's a short in my car stereo which causes it to turn itself off when there's a bump in the road (and sometimes for no reason at all). Today on the radio (but originally on April 27, 2001) Kojo Nnamdi said to Spalding Gray, "so, have you overcome your fear of drowing?" And then, just at that instant, the sound went black. By the time I got the stereo back on a caller who had once worked with him was asking him about fatherhood.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I remember flying once; I was looking out at the desert and I wrote a poem about the barren desolation of the desert. I wrote a poem once about a great encounter I had with a deer early in the morning that was very moving.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Voodoo Lady

NPR's Morning Edition (in collaboration with the National Geographic Society) had an interesting three-part series on Voodoo (aka Vodun) a couple of weeks ago. All the links are here. And there's music and video.

For more, try this. And Maya Deren, most of all.

Ah, happy, happy day!

J. Cassian, not Cinderella Bloggerfeller. (Why he changed it, I can't say.) Special thanks to Ideofact for the glad tidings of great joy.

But this silken twine has its grief and pine: his archives are gone daddy gone. There's a hole in the Blogwelt. There is a darkness.

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